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uses consumer data to measure the probability that one ad or message will yield a better ROI compared to another.

What's your Comprehension Index Score?

It only takes 5 minutes to submit your ads.

Results are provided within 24hrs. 


After uploading the two creative ads or messages that you would like to test against each other, The Comprehension Index will activate their panel of consumers that represent the brands target region by asking them a series of pre-determined questions. These studies have been designed by data scientists to deliver the most predictable and quantitative outputs in relation to a brands projected ROI. 

Based on the collective responses, the Comprehension Index algorithm will provide you with a probability score, called your Comprehension Index Score, indicating which ad is most likely to outperform the other on key metrics such as Revenue (CPA + Conv. Rate), Brand Favorability (Do consumers like you?), and the audience's preferred Consumer Value Proposition for your category. 

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